Webinars on data, data sources and using data: What to do with all the data? Tools for management, analysis and visualization

May 30, 2018 16:00 - 17:00 CEST

This is the final webinar of our series. Be part of it on May 30th, 4 pm CEST.

Our last webinar will have a very practical approach. Data expert Nicolas Kayser-Bril will talk about tools for data management, analysis and visualization.

Nicolas is a well known expert on data driven journalism (http://blog.nkb.fr/) and the co-founder of Journalism++ (http://www.jplusplus.org/).

The webinar will be presented on May 30th, 4 pm to 5 pm CEST. We will start on time.

Please consider your registratoin as binding.

In case you have to cancel the event, please inform us one day before the event date. 

During the webinar Nicolas will talk about:

  • Storing data: Excel and Google Spreadsheets and other tools (e.g. Panda Project)
  • Free tools to visualize data: Datawrapper, Infogram etc.
  • The basics of datavisualization
  • Organizing a team for data

Do you miss any issues?
Please use the comment boxes to send us your input and/or specific questions in advance.

The webinar will take 1 hour. After the presentation by Nicolas (40 minutes), we will have a Q&A session (20 minutes).

We will as well take questions during the presentation.

You will receive information in advance on how to participate in the webinar. It is really easy. No special software is needed, just a stable internet connection.

Sonja Ernst and Sunaina Kumar

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