Dealing with European Issues. Four countries – Four Visions of Europe

Nov 04, 2018 15:00 -
Nov 09, 2018 15:00 CET
Italy & France in 2018; Germany & Poland in 2019

“Dealing with European Issues” is a project within the Bosch Alumni Network that brings together 20 journalists from France, Italy, Poland and Germany before and after the elections to the European Parliament, to investigate different perceptions towards the European Union and the underlying reasons for them in four key countries.

The participants of the study trip will try to determine whether there are some common tendencies in the four countries’ democratic systems (rejection of the elites, wish for direct democracy, and rising of new populist movements…) and they will see if there are lessons to be learned for the future.

There will be two study trips, one taking us to Italy and France in November 2018 (arrival November 4th, departure November 9th) and the other to Germany and Poland in June 2019. The participants will meet with representatives of the main political parties, from civil society initiatives and with experts. In addition, there will be time for discussions with the other participants. 
The second trip will begin in Berlin and will subsequently overlap with the German-Polish Media Days (, in which the participants are encouraged to participate actively.

The main objective of these study trips is to give the participants a clearer view of the different sensibilities and opinions about Europe in four key countries.

The study trips will be prepared by the Deutsch-Französisches Institut (Franco-German Institute, dfi) and the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (Stiftung für Deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit SdpZ) in cooperation with the International Alumni Center Berlin (iac). The Robert Bosch Stiftung funds the project.

If you work as a journalist in Germany, Poland, France or Italy, you may apply by sending a CV and a short letter of motivation to Please include the following aspects in your motivation letter:

  •  What does Europe mean to youu?

  • Which media (newspapers, publishing houses, including internet publications) have you been working for?

  • Please include a PDF of one of your articles focussing on Europe that you are most proud of (If it is not in English, please provide us with a short summary in English). UPDATE: Deadline for application is June 11th. dfi, SdpZ and iac will choose the participants jointly. 

Additional information:

The common language used during the trips will be English. There will be interpreters during the meetings if needed. Costs for accommodation, meals and programme will be covered. Travel expenses of up to 200 € per trip will be reimbursed.

After the trips, participants will be expected to share their insights with the wider Bosch Alumni Network and beyond. 

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